I hate saying “Sometimes I feel…” or  “I just feel like…” it makes me sound illogical or irrational, like as if I run off of emotions only. I only “feel” this way because of the things people have said to me in regards to my decision making skills. I don’t believe it is always a bad thing to think and/or act emotionally. Although, I can say I’ve done some regrettable things when emotional. I’ve also done a lot of things I’m proud of; sometimes the right amount of emotion can push you tell someone you don’t appreciate the way they are treating you. Or finally sending that text that could make or break a relationship. Feelings and emotion shouldn’t guide your every footstep or be the muse for all monumental decisions. However, maybe the right amount of impulsive emotion can push you to do something amazing. Something that could change your life forever!

Your confirmation, nor worries you’re okay!


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