I know I’ve been doing a lot of random “Just my thoughts” lately but I’ve just been thinking a lot I guess. Tonight i’m struggling with acceptance and seeing God’s plan for my life. A very important relationship just took a turn and i’ll miss the way things used to be, however maybe this is for the best. It gives me time and a chance to work on myself. The only problem is my stubborn tail doesn’t like change and doesn’t want the relationship to shift. Sometimes its hard to just accept that things rarely go the way you think they should and when you get on the other side you’ll see just how your way wasn’t the best way. I’m writing this because I’m on the end of uncertainty and I don’t see a reasonable end in sight. But I know thats God has everything under control and he wouldn’t bring me through this if 1 he didn’t know I could handle it and 2 if he didn’t have a better plan all set up for me. A friend told me today that God has so many blessings for us, all we have to do is reach out and grab them. Well God here I am, I’m putting my pride, my feelings, and my life (present and future) in your hands. Please give me peace and acceptance as well as pour out a blessing amongst this seemingly unpleasant situation!


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