The book I am currently reading challenges the reader to define “Pretty” and “Ugly” what they really mean and how they define people. The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, although I’m only on page 202, has sparked a rather interesting inner dialog. If I were in the future that this book describes I would be more than an Ugly. But, how other people and most importantly I see myself now, in 2016 is what I want to focus on. Going into 2017, I want to be a Pretty and not in the way that Westerfeld has predicted. I want to have the confidence of a Pretty, I want to be the curvy and beautiful women that I am with the confidence of the most regal Pretty of the future. And it’s going to take me silencing the little people in my head that are constantly telling me that im fat and/or ugly, or that im not smart and not worth someones attention and love. All those little guys have to be put down and for good. God made me in his image and He doesn’t make mistakes. I know that sin has taken over and I’m not exactly what he intended but im still perfect in his eye, so I should be worth something in my own. So my only New Years Resolution is to love Nia, completely and without anything added on or pounds subtracted.


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