New semester, New me

I am starting a new semester tomorrow and I have to admit, I’m not excited. I’m more scared than anything and I’m not even 100% as to why. I plan on a lot this year: making new friends, making connections, and making amazing grades. And in my personal life, of course God first and foremost, as well as trying this yoga thing and my hair…now that’s a whole other beast by  itself. But all in all, I want 2017 to be a year of growth, a year of “realizing things” just kidding, but seriously I want to realize the things God wants for me to do and I want to have to strength to do them. Although i have a lot of “plans” God may have different ones. So yes I have to admit I’m scared of what might be ahead of me…

If you feel the same way, no worries here’s your confirmation.