Seven Hours

I just experienced one of the scariest hours of my life. My mother called me hysterical not able to locate my father. She’d gone to the lengths of calling the police and having the whole family in a frenzy praying for his safe return. All I could think about was how much my dad didn’t deserve to be face down in a ditch or in a jail cell. He’s the best man I know and the last one that deserves any kind of pain or suffering. In the end he came home safe and sound from traffic school and all was well. But this event got me thinking of the potential threat that constantly surrounds the black men in america. This situation ended up being nothing at all but could have been something just by him getting pulled over. I want to live in a world where if my dad doesn’t call for seven hours my mom can rest easy knowing he’s okay. However, thats not the world we live in, seven hours is more than enough time to have been something fatal.

If you’re scared trust me, everyone is too. Here’s your confirmation.


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