What went through my mind when I​ found out he’s been using me.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this feeling before. It’s like being told that all the bad thoughts you ever had about yourself, you know the ones you kept pushing away. The thoughts that scared you or made you cry. ALL of them are true, and they are all sitting on your chest yelling at the top of their lungs and banging pots and pans together. Not only are they real but they will not be ignored.

People say I’m dramatic and that I overreact a lot of the time. But honestly, I don’t try to, it’s seriously just how I feel. I guess when other people feel a 2 I feel a 10. Or maybe I’ve just never been through anything and my naivety makes these things seem worse than they are. I’m not sure, I just wish I could tell my brain to stop, to feel less and my chest to quick with the aching and my stomach to chill with the knots. Because when I’m in this “dramatic overreaction” it just feels a lot like how my brain and body react to sadness and I can’t stop it.



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