I Love You. Something every one girl wants to hear from two people. Her father and the man of her dreams. Some, most girls will do anything to hear those words. I wish I was a Bad Bitch and I could say I am one of the few who doesn’t need that kind of fleeting affection. However, no one reads this blog so why lie to myself? I am weak to those words. Fortunately, I have a great dad who tells me he loves me all the time. But, I lack the same sentiment from “the man of my dreams”, whoever the hell that may be. I thank God for giving me a father that loves me and treats me like I am his princess. I just pray EVERY DAY to find a man that will truly love me and when he says those three words, he’ll never take them back.

I don’t know why I blog, no one reads this. I guess I do it because it makes me feel better when I have no one to talk to and when everyone is tired of me being dramatic. This is one of the only places I don’t feel judged.


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