I hate saying “Sometimes I feel…” or  “I just feel like…” it makes me sound illogical or irrational, like as if I run off of emotions only. I only “feel” this way because of the things people have said to me in regards to my decision making skills. I don’t believe it is always a bad thing to think and/or act emotionally. Although, I can say I’ve done some regrettable things when emotional. I’ve also done a lot of things I’m proud of; sometimes the right amount of emotion can push you tell someone you don’t appreciate the way they are treating you. Or finally sending that text that could make or break a relationship. Feelings and emotion shouldn’t guide your every footstep or be the muse for all monumental decisions. However, maybe the right amount of impulsive emotion can push you to do something amazing. Something that could change your life forever!

Your confirmation, nor worries you’re okay!


So I put my hair in these little twisties and I don’t love them but they do allow me to be pretty lazy. And my hair is actually growing a lot considering this time last year I had a perm. And not just a perm, like a fresh perm! So I’m pretty excited, I am ^ months from my big chop, but i started transition like a year ago! So I know nobody reads this but if you do and have any tips or tricks for me I would love to hear’m!


My arms, I HATE my arms. They are just so big and lumpy I wish I could cut them off sometimes. But, they do so much for me and I shouldn’t hate something I literally couldn’t do without. So whatever, they’re my arms and as long as they work and help me get through life smoother ill hate them a little less everyday until love grows. But honestly, today I HATE them!!!

Falling in love

Im starting to fall in love with my hair. I thought I could only love her when she was forced to be straight through chemicals or heat. But now I’m starting to really love her, without anything added to make her anything she’s not. Every kink and every curl tell a story of struggle and perseverance and I just hope to continue her story flawlessly. My hair is beautiful and doesn’t need an product or straightening or heat to be perfect, she’s mine and she’s beautiful and I love her.

Hair Update

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update about my hair. I DONT KNWO WHAT THE HELL I AM DOING! I’m really trying though, I watch so many videos and I’ve bought a couple products that are for my type of hair. However, you know that college student budget and what not so I can’t do too much. I just want my hair to grow and be healthy, I hope I’m doing okay! My page background is a pretty recent look at my hair progress. So yeah, that’s all I hope you all voted today and that you don’t take for granted that right.

TRRRRUST ME!!! you’re normal, here’s your confirmation!!!

P.S. If you were wondering I think I’m type 4b

Long distance sucks…

Sometimes I think about breaking up with him. This long distance thing is just too hard and it would be easy to just not. But then I start to imagine a world where I can’t call my best friend and tell him about the new socks I bought and I literally can’t handle that universe either. So I choose the lesser of the evils and I stay. Because I love him with every bone and every ligament in my body. Every blood vessel and every intrail. He’s mine and I’m his and even though our situation absolutely 100% sucks. I wouldn’t trade the most ideal situation with anyone else.